OKT Shipping Ltd. is the Turkey’s leading provider of integrated shipyard & shipping services to complement its core Turkish & Worldwide Shipyards’ Representation business together with Shipbrokerage, Site Team Supervision and Research & Marine Consultancy. In Istanbul – Turkey, OKT Shipping creates a fertile environment for Worldwide ship owners and shipyards as well as finance institutions, by bringing together connections, know-how and expertise through its services. We are selective and only work with reputable and trustable yards and clients.

More than 30 years’ experience, OKT Shipping and their International partners serve top European, USA, Canadian and Far Eastern Shipping Companies for their yard selection and other services in Turkey and Worldwide. Our represented shipyards list is constantly updated through common yard pool covering all European agent/broker partners, according to the benefits the yard can provide to Shipowners, the yards’ success and actual latest performance. If necessary, some shipyards removed from the list and being traced separate for a while only. Therefore, please contact us for our latest list when you have any serious enquiry and not to refer our earlier list.

As OKT Shipping Ltd., we offer consultancy services for both new builds, secondhand ship acquisitions and we are also we are committed to providing optimal solutions for your large-scale special conversion projects. Furthermore, we are delighted to announce our ability to facilitate the establishment of EU ETS company accounts and oversee their management.

The attached “OKT – DIRECTIONS – Newbuilding Market – June 2024” study focuses the current facts on the world newbuilding market including navy ships and yachts or not, and the factors dominate the newbuilding market.

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