At OKT SHIPPING, we are dedicated to our customers’ success. We are committed to understanding the needs of our customers, and together with our partners, we are providing the solutions that assist our customers for building a better world.

​Turkey is a unique geography with its historical and natural beauties. Because of its geographical location, the mainland of Anatolia has always found favour throughout history and is the birthplace of many great civilizations. It has also been prominent as a centre of commerce and trading routes due to its land connections to three continents and the sea surrounding it on three sides.

​Therefore, Turkey is also an attractive destination for worldwide shipowners with its world class shipyards and other favours.

​Operating a ship or shipping company is an expensive business with a need for constantly renewing itself as new rules and regulations are set. Intermediate and Special Surveys are required on even the best maintained vessels, causing significant cash flow challenges & lost earning days.

​In an industry where reputation has real commercial value, proper yard, newbuilding and second-hand vessel selection adds value and enables businesses to protect stakeholders’ interests and gain competitive advantage.

​We have a clear strategy to maintain and extend our industry leadership to be competitive in a time when prices, policy, rules, regulations, technology and customer preferences are changing, based on five key objectives:

Focusing and growing in specialist areas
Focusing and growing in specialist areas within our existing operations where we can offer distinctive services and independent choice.

Building our international reach and relevance
Building our international reach and relevance, to meet the needs of local and multinational clients and trading partners better.

Improving our efficiency and effectiveness
Improving the way, we work and serve clients through innovation and by investing in the efficiency and effectiveness of our people, systems and processes. We shall further foster employee engagement through skills development and brand engagement programs.

Providing a distinctive working environment
Providing a distinctive, entrepreneurial and results-based working environment that attracts, develops and retains the best individuals. We will continue to design and deliver expert solutions that combine know-how and experience and research to provide expert answers, improved analytics and productivity for our customers.

Working with others and operating collaboratively as “One OKT SHIPPING”
Operating collaboratively as “One OKT SHIPPING” for bringing the best of OKT services to our clients and trading partners anywhere in the World. We want to work with agents, shipyards, suppliers, distributors and other business partners who have similar values to ours and uphold
the same standards as we do.

OKT SHIPPING’s reputation for doing business with integrity and with respect for the interests of those our activities can affect is an asset, just as real as our people and brands. Our priority is to be a successful business: that means investing for growth and balancing short-term and long-term interests. It also means caring about our clients, employees and shareholders, our business partners and the world in which we live.

​Success requires the highest standards of behaviour from all of us.

The five elements of our strategy balance are the interests of our clients, our represented Turkish & Worldwide Shipyards, our employees, our trading partners and our shareholders.